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The New Face – English edition


From Anatomy to Aesthetic Medicine

214 Pages full coloured

Book with 7 Anatomical Tables:
1 – Face
2 – Superficial fat compartments
3 – Muscles
4 – Deep Fat Compartments
5 – Veins
6 – Arteries
7 – Facial Skeleton

Many videos about dissections, injections techniques
including the new method called “Magic Touch



Anatomical knowledge is timeless and essential for a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Consequently, for the past 10 years I have dedicated a lot of my work to this subject.  Understanding the 3D anatomy with anatomical variations, muscular balance and interaction between anatomical structures give tremendous support to the relevant technique for the right indication. We have studied a lot in the dissection laboratory.  We kept coming back to study further the mechanisms underlying facial aging. We wanted to better understand modern and complex non-surgical aesthetics to reach successful outcome and increase our patient’s satisfaction. Then, we set out to share this highly scientific content with our colleagues to give them useful tools for their real-life practice.
During all these years, I have enjoyed teamwork with my colleagues and friends. Federico Loreto is part of this team, all along from day one. I also remember when we used to hold so many discussions on anatomy to keep going forward all together. I was, therefore, honoured when Federico and his colleague Paola Rosalba Russo, asked me to write the forewords of their book. It definitely reflects my/our philosophy and will provide the reader with useful information.

Patrick Trevidic, MD

What is a face? It is a set of features assembled together to create expressions, asymmetries, balance that brings with it the signs of one’s own life. What I have been trying to do for years now is not to erase the experience of life, but instead to remove the signs that make the gaze unjustly weighed down by that experience. My mantra is “rejuvenate the appearance without distorting it”. I want to give back what you think you have lost forever, i.e. the youth of the soul. Thanks to invisible wires and filler, this youth comes back in the look and the smile, renewing their beauty. Reading this book, the doctor will find a detailed panorama concerning the subject. Complementary to the text is the digital section with numerous videos dedicated to different techniques and dissections.
Because the beauty is there, and it’s always in the eye of the Beholder.

Paola Rosalba Russo

As one of my teachers often says, with whom I’ve been collaborating for years to organize and carry out theo- retical-practical courses, with dissection on cadavers: “If you tell me, I’ll forget; if you explain it to me, I’ll remember; if you show me, I’ll learn it.” Because of this, I decided to organize this book by analyzing the seven ‘dangerous’ areas of the face that surgeons and aesthetic physicians have to pay the utmost attention to while operating, in order to avoid causing any damage, let alone irreparable damage. In this book, the anatomical regions of the face are analyzed, including the superficial layer, the deepest one, and everything in betwe- en. This analysis is accompanied by the technical-applicative description on the use of the most common procedures of aesthetic medicine: Botulinum toxin (Botox), Hyaluronic acid (filler) and suspension/traction wires.

Federico Loreto

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