Managing errors and complications in aesthetic medicine


Authors: Maurizio Cavallini, Paola Molinari

Soft cover
172 Pages full color
Size: 21x28cm
Published: 2016




The subject of complications has always been avoided, left out of discussion and skimmed over in the scientific environment, particularly in the field of aesthetic medicine.
Aesthetic medicine is a medical practice that is carried out today with the aid of products that have become more and more innovative, safer and certainly more biocompatible. Compared to earlier times, with the meagre offerings available in the 90s, today the cosmetic surgeon has a wide choice and if the correct precautions are taken can do so in complete safety. Nevertheless, despite this, the unexpected is always around the corner. This can be caused by human error or by biological reactions of the patient’s body to the product used, whether implants, electro-medical, peeling, etc.
Therefore, why not talk about this openly in the scientific community? Errors, experiences, the patient’s biological reactions, just as every event connected to clinical practice does, makes up our experience and if we sum up the experiences of each one of us and share them our growth will be exponential.


maurizio cavallini MD

Surgeon. Specialist in Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery and Experimental Surgery.
Director of the Operating Unit of Dermasurgery and Aesthetic Medicine – Italian Diagnostic Center – Milan – Italy. Instructor in the Master’s program of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery at the Universities of Milan and Parma, Vice-president of the European Association of Aesthetic Surgery. Regular member of the SICPRE and AICPE. Author of numerous publications in national and international scientific journals and treatises in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Member of the SIES scientific committee.

paola molinari md

Surgeon. Specialist in General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Modena. Member of the scientific committee of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (SIES). Co-director of the SIES Training Division.

Instructor of Complication Management at the CPMA Valet School of Bologna.