Male and Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery – English edition


and Medical Aesthetic Treatments

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In the society of wellness, which we all aspire to achieve, the concept of health does not consist only in the absen- ce of disease, but in the desire for a happy and full life. Achieving an attractive body and face is what our pa- tients are looking for and that is what we strive for. The genital area is already part of this integral idea of beauty and self-esteem. Obviously, sexuality is an inherent part of this fulfillment. All these aspects are discussed in this pioneering book written by Dr. Ramon Vila Rovira, to- gether with other prestigious authors, who bring us in a complete, rigorous and didactic way a whole series of concepts and techniques in an area of increasing demand in aesthetic surgery.

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Dr. Ramón Vila-Rovira
With over 30 years of experience in the specialty of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Vila-Rovira directs currently the Vila-Rovira Institute of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Teknon Medical Center. President of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2002-2003), president of the European Society Hair Restoration Surgery (2003) and president of the Catalan Society of Aesthetic Plastic (1986-1987) Surgery.