Losing weight simply and safely



Author: Roberto Maugeri

Soft cover
350 pages full color
Size: 15x21cm
Published: 2014

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Events witnessed in our society over the last few decades have given rise to considerable concern in a number of sectors. If man, since his arrival on earth, had constantly needed to fight hunger to guarantee his livelihood, now for the first time in history, he is having to tackle a problem which is totally the reverse: the effects that too much food may have on his health.
In fact, never before had it been possible to have such easy access to all manner of foods yet on the other hand never has food been so transformed and drained of its real nutritional properties for the sole economic purpose of gratifying our senses.
The negative repercussions that such a nutritional policy can have on our health are considerable, as too are the consequences for the national health systems of many countries, in danger of collapse under the burden of the many diseases linked to excess weight and obesity.
As a doctor I have often come up against the damage provoked by poor nutrition, Dr. Gilles Terracol and I, therefore, have become dedicated to a common goal: the treatment and prevention of the overweight and obese, adopting the principles of the Very Low Calorie Diet, a scientific method, widely endorsed, which has led to the formation of the Global Dietary Programme, now accepted by a number of colleagues.
In the pages of this manual we have endeavoured to summarize the results of years of work in this field, in order to provide the doctor with useful knowledge and tools to allow him to help his patients lose weight simply and effectively.

Roberto Maugeri


roberto maugeri MD

Dr. Roberto Maugeri graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, in 1984, he specialized in Cardioangiosurgery in 1989 and completed his training in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007.
He practiced the activity of Hospital Medical Director for many years and then deepened his experience of him in the dietary field, in which he works as a freelancer.
Expert in Ericksonian hypnosis, Nutritional Chronobiology, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and in the clinical use of protein diets he is Scientific Director of the S.D.M. Medical Diet Society, within which, in addition to deepening the scientific and cultural evolution of modern women Very Low Calorie Diets, provides training through periodic macro and micronutrition courses for doctors and nutritionists.
Together with Dr. Gilles Terracol he is the author of the book “La Ritmonutrizione” published by S.D.M. Society Medical Dietetics, congress reports and publications in some General Medicine journals.