Illustrated Guide to Chemical Peels



Authors: Mark G. Rubin, Nanna Y. Schürer, Luitgard G. Wiest, and Uliana Gout

261 pages full color
Size: 24×30,5cm
Published: 2014

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Chemical peels have been used to rejuvenate the skin for millennia but have only become the focus of scientific research within the last century. This book outlines the steps for accomplishing successful chemical peels—whether superficial, medium, or deep. Starting with basic current knowledge, the authors review the essentials, including the different agents used and their formulae as well as the proper techniques. In addition, the authors explain the art of chemical peels by showing how to provide an optimal, individually tailored treatment that takes into consideration the skin quality of each patient. Procedures are detailed step by step, and numerous tables summarize key information for quick reference. Case reports demonstrate the efficacy and lasting results of this skin rejuvenation modality. The book is designed for all dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and physicians who want to learn how to perform chemical peels or who want to extend their knowledge of individual aspects of this method.