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Mini Lift and Dermocosmetic Treatments by Threads

200 pages
600 color images
Plus extra contents: 17 videos.
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Printed in 2015

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This volume is a collection of experiences for the best use of absorbable threads in polydioxanone (PDO), used both for rejuvenation procedures of the face and body and in therapeutic treatments for painful lipodystrophic, traumatic or venolymphatic diseases.

In 2006 I published “Mini-invasive esthetic surgery with thread lift”, edited by Minelli Editore and translated into three languages. This text represents the first scientific monograph on the theme at an international level.

Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, a true friend and a perpetual master, with his typical Brazilian enthusiasm contributed an introduction and presented the book at his clinic in Rio de Janeiro: “Plastic surgery is no longer a new medical field, over a span of a century we have witnessed some of the greatest discoveries in every field of medicine. Mini-invasive procedures have gained popularity in esthetic surgery, whether as complementary to surgery or as a first choice, with undoubtable advantages in the possibility of obtaining good results with the least amount of trauma to the tissue. Very often it is the patient himself to ask for these mini-invasive strategies, and the surgeon should be able to understand these requests. Despite this, it is important to correctly evaluate the true advantage these mini-invasive strategies can offer (and this must be explained thoroughly to the patient) since, despite the good results, even these procedures are not completely without risks and complications, even if minimal, while traditional surgery, even if more invasive, can offer the patient longer lasting results in the right cases.”

I agree completely with this presentation, just as I must acknowledge the incredible and unimaginable evolution these techniques have had over the years, all well described in the various international publications, especially those by Julio Ferreira, Roberto Tullii, Roberto, Pizzamiglio, Anthony Erian, Antonino Campisi and Fundarò, even if the most complete and important ones are without a doubt those by Nikolay Serdev and Mel Shiffman.

With some worthy colleagues in this field in 2015 I will publish the revised edition of the book  “Mini-invasive esthetic surgery with thread lift”, where the various surgical techniques with their different indications for different materials will be described. This volume is instead dedicated to the mini-invasive and dermocosmetic methods with soluble PDO thread, a new philosophy that has stimulated many reflections.

This book has been written for those who wish to seriously dedicate themselves to mini-surgical and dermocosmetic methods, especially for those who love to share knowledge and their own experiences, but this book does not contain Truth. It is solely the result of many years of scientific experience and interchanges with other doctors, surgeons, phlebologists, dermatologists, esthetic doctors and physiotherapists from many countries, including Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Argentina, Brazil and in particular Spain, in great friendship and academic collaboration which, together with Prof. Victor Garcia and Prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli, has lasted almost twenty years.

While writing these pages I was undecided whether to follow the market trends with practical manuals full of large photos and little writing or else to opt for a lot of content and perhaps smaller photos. I believe that the best use of any method or medical device occurs only through a good basic background with the knowledge and experience of others, both the better ones and those who aren’t quite so good. For this reason, with absolute  conviction and with the greatest respect for the patients, I decided to write this volume like a novel to be read through the pages and plot, addressing those readers who “love to waste time understanding contents and reflecting upon motivations”.

At any rate, I wish to repeat and emphasize that all the methods with all the types of threads will never substitute traditional plastic surgery. PDO threads have typical indications and can become synergetic with great advantages but always after careful examination, correct use and respecting the patient’s requests.

Moreover, we must remember that any clinical or esthetic improvement is always the consequence of better metabolic, vascular and oxygenating activity of our cells, aided both by an informed lifestyle and by preventative or corrective medical treatments.

Before concluding I wish to mention Maurizio Valeriani of Rome, Pier Guido Ciabatti of Arezzo and Dov Klein of Tel Aviv, surgeons of great talent whom I thank for the friendship and professional esteem they have always shown me and I also owe Prof. Lucio Andreassi, Prof. Carlo D’Aniello and Prof. Sergio Mancini thanks and gratitude for having given me the chance to take on the academic world with these methods, and then calling me to teach them at their schools of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and General Surgery at the University of Siena for almost thirty years.

Pier Antonio Bacci

About the Author Dr. Pier Antonio Bacci

Pier-Antonio-BacciDr. Pier Antonio Bacci
is a specialist in Surgery and Vascular Diseases.
From 1993 to 2011 he was an adjunct professor in the graduate school in Surgery at the University of Siena with teaching on Phlebology and Aesthetic Surgery.
Currently teaches in the Master of Aesthetic Medicine of the University of Siena and Barcelona and in various private schools and universities.
He is President of the Italian Academy of Beauty and Beauty Medical School of Tuscany in Arezzo.

Author of many publications and scientific monographs in various languages, has also published letterary books, among the principal scientific works he has “The Ambulatory Phlebectomy”, “Cellulities”, “Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery by threads”, “Cellulitis 2012”, “The interstitial matrix.”

It is a recognized opinion leader in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and experienced in lipodystrophy and cellulite.
His job is in Arezzo and Florence, where he is responsible on surgery in Maria Teresa Hospital.
In 2011 he was member of the Observatory of the Ministry of Health for aesthetic complications for electromedical devices, since 2010 he is the scientific director at the Fiera di Roma for the “Rome International Estetica”.