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Soft Cover
144 pages
Coloured pictures
Printed in 2019

"The idea to write this manual came from divulging the scientific and clinical experience I have collected over the past twenty years working at the Institute of Plastic Surgery of the University of Siena, directed by prof. Carlo D'Aniello, and at my clinics. I have attended numerous presentations at national and international conferences, as well as courses and university masters, and all these occasions of comparison of experiences were useful in directing research and improving techniques and technology. Over the years, thanks to the spreading of scientific knowledge, the use of carboxytherapy has been established in many towns in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Also, technology, on which I had the opportunity to make changes, evolved into increasingly effective and safer equipment. This manual is for those who already use this technique in various application fields, but especially for all those interested in learning about the scientific bases, methods of application, equipment, fields of application and any research insights".

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