Botulinum Toxin A In Aesthetic Medicine – 3rd Edition


Basic Principles and Clinical Practice

Third Edition revised and updated

Author: Alessio Redaelli

Soft cover
274 pages full color
Size: 22×28cm
Published: 2020

Also available in: Italian, Russian

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Dear colleagues and friends,

A few years have passed since the publication of my second edition and the book has sold out, so my editor asked me to publish a revised and corrected third edition. What to say! An unexpected success that makes me very pleased, of course, and very happy because in the recent few years, the use of botulinum toxin has radically changed! The anatomical knowledge has improved in an exponential manner and the small details, not completely clear until a little time ago, have been clarified, thanks to the numerous anatomical master classes of cadaver dissection, extremely important to understanding where and at what level the injections need to be performed! The knowledge of clinical anatomy has very much improved as has the way to study the patients in order to understand the different muscles that are involved with their mutual synergies that will determine the different pattern of movement, all treatable with different final units. I changed many details of the utmost importance on the injection technique, which determined a great improvement of the results, of mine and the patients’ satisfaction, that I want to translate into the satisfaction of fellow aesthetic physicians and users of this wonderful medicine in the field of the aesthetic medicine. I have therefore improved (in my opinion) some fundamental chapters like the anatomical one or the ones on clinical anatomy and practical treatment of the patients. We have added many videos in the practical section and many anatomic studies that can be useful and preparatory to deeply understand the details in order to treat the patients with a better awareness and knowledge. I have kept unchanged my usual philosophy of practicality following the said: “Don’t show me how good a doctor you are but let me see how you get your results! “ And this is what I still ask to my co-authors, all very good, expert and very skilled in obtaining very good results with innovative techniques and explained in detail. I hope, therefore, this time also to have guessed the right layout, practical but with clear, exhaustive explanations, and with anatomical but especially clinical thorough references, which will make you say, I hope: “Yes! How haven’t I thought of it before!” What to say then: enjoy reading this book, even to those who had purchased the previous editions, because many are the changes and I hope that all readers will appreciate the updated work that makes, in my opinion, this edition interesting and worthy to be read, to find help for every day, for those who work in the field and sometimes have doubts that I hope this book will solve. As always, I’m open to any criticism and I hope to find you all for a fourth edition of future!

Alessio Redaelli



Prof. Giuseppe Sito, MD PhD, is a professor at the School of Aesthetic Medicine Fatebenefratelli Hospital Foundation, Rome and an external adviser for the Postgraduate Course for Aesthetic Medicine Agorà, Milano. He is also a forensic consultant in Aesthetic Medicine for the Court of Naples. Currently, he is Scientific Director of the Aesthetic Masters at Pegaso University (Naples, Italy). After completing his specialization with honors in Surgery and in Endocrine surgery in Naples and earning a degree in Urology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, his increasing interest in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery brought him to France for training purposes. He subsequently became a member of the French and Italian Societies of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and of the American Association of Facial Plastic Surgery. Professor Sito has received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Cosmetic Surgery. He has published in international journals and has been an invited speaker at many international congresses and meetings.