Botulinum Toxin A In Aesthetic Medicine – 2nd Edition


Basic principles and clinical practice

Second Edition

Soft cover
288 pages full color
Size: 22x28cm
Published: 2017

Also available in: Spanish

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Knowing Alessio Redaelli as basic principles and clinical practice knowing Alessio Redaelli as well as I do, when he told me that he was preparing a scientific paper on Botulinum toxin my first thought was: thank goodness, we’ll finally have an exhaustive book on the subject from all points of view!
There are so many studies on this issue and, surely, some of them are really valuable, but it was the specific analysis carried out by a medical aesthetic like Alessio, with his unique formation developed during many years of practising this specific topic, that convinced me that he made a unique piece of art possible. Then, I began to imagine his drawings, his photos, his explanations, and his evolutionary conjectures of the techniques, but also his righteous warnings about mistakes, about incorrect techniques. During a few years spent with Dr. Redaelli, I had the opportunity to appreciate him for its great reliability, honesty, professionalism, and uncommon instructional capabilities. When I received drafts of this book, which I read again and again, I was astonished to the clarity, the completeness of details, and the careful analysis of individual points treated, comforted not only by data present in international literature, but also, and especially, occurring from the great practice he matured in the field. Alessio, was able to highlight specific points of this matter, starting from the basic concepts, expressed with masterful clarity, until the final evaluation of specific areas, and possible results, without forgetting, with much honesty, of any adverse effects. With courage and the right expertise Alessio has also addressed all types so-called “off label”, in order to suggest the doctor, the correct indications for this specific molecule, in all its aspects.
I am convinced that this will become one of the most appreciated books on the botulinum toxin.
Bravo Alessio, you’ve done a great and important job!

Alberto Massirone


Here we go again! Another book about Botulinum toxin A! What can still be said, after the plentiful Italian and foreign books published, also lately, by important international authors?
As a matter of fact, thanks to Internet and the globalization, it is certainly easier to take advantage of the experience of far-away authors.
Botulinum toxin A, though, is the most commonly used among the substances today and clearly in greater evolution. Surely what I would have written a few years ago, and I’ve written, changed radically, and there is no doubt that the biggest changes occurred in the last two or three years. In particular, the treatment of areas until recently untouched and potentially dangerous, such as the perioral region, has opened new horizons, with results completely dependent on the technique, dosages and injection sites that must be absolutely perfect, to adapt to each individual patient. For this reason, the study of patients, their behaviors, and their facial mimicry has become crucial in order to obtain natural results and to avoid side effects that might be, sometimes, very bothersome.
Very important, as well, is the attitude of each individual author, different in many aspects, from other authors also of great prestige. Personal philosophy is in fact fundamental in interventional standpoints, and in a large quantity of patients helps to figure out where not to ahead in order to avoid sneaky, sometimes invisible, danger. For this reason, when I read a new text on a subject so widely treated as Botulinum toxin, I always find some aspects that I hadn’t seen or investigated, and that makes me realize something, maybe incredibly intuitive, but that until then I had not fully understood. Therefore, even someone like me, who has been dealing with Botulinum toxin for so long- when still few in Italy were familiar with the use, and when still its use was not authorized and fully encoded- can always find an enlightening side… In this new book I made an effort to offer news and fields of interest also for old users of this technique, e.g. the study section of the facial musculature mimicry, where I tried to study the muscles in relation to their function, fully evaluating the mimicry in order to understand its evolution after treatments. In fact, with Botulinum toxin treatment, we shouldn’t think of every single muscle, but the whole complex of the facial muscles that changes the reciprocal relations of forces, in most cases improving the aesthetics of the patients, but sometimes worsening it (think of the annoying and common to see “Mefisto look”, due, in most cases, to such a preliminary evaluation error and insufficient study). I hope my effort may well be of help to all colleagues who daily, like me, have to face the difficult task of rejuvenate in “correct” and natural way their patients. As always I haven’t spared the suggestions, those that I use daily, to avoid problems. And, as usual, I urge everyone to love modest results, sometimes insufficient but always increasable, and avoid instead results much more glaring but potentially unsafe. I always say in all my classes, the risk, if possible, should get closer to “zero”, and or rather be “below zero”.

Alessio Redaelli


Alessio Redaelli MD

He received his degree in 1979 and specialized in Vascular Surgery and Esthetic Medicine in Milan. He still works and studies in Milan today.
He founded Medical Aesthetic, a leader in the teaching of esthetic medicine to doctors and dentists.
He participated in the creation of the master in “aesthetics of the oral and perioral tissues” for dentists offered at the University of Padua and is professor and member of its coordinating committee at the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialization of the University of Padua (Director: Prof. E. Stellini).
He holds practical courses in Italy and abroad regarding aesthetic medicine and is a teacher and official faculty member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).
He is a teacher in the principal Italian schools of aesthetic medicine.
He has published numerous scientific articles regarding esthetic medicine and vascular surgery and some well-known books on aesthetic medicine.