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Temple Eye Nose Lips


Anatomy & Aesthetic Corrections

214 Colour pages
graphic designer: Lavinia Alessandrini
Bilingual: English – Italian
Printed 2019
Editor: Medicalevel
OEO worldwide distribution

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In this atlas we treated in great depth both the anatomical structures and the corrective techniques regarding some facial areas of particular interest and greater difficulty, such as the “temporal region, the area around the eyes, nose and lips “.

The distinctive feature is always represented by the uniqueness of the images that are so realistic that they seem almost tangible and create an empathy with the reader.

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Abouth Author Andrea Alessandrini

Andrea Alessandrini, MD, specialized at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome.
For over 330 years he has devoted himself toAesthetic Medicine with master courses in different parts of the world.
His particular interest in the treatment and prevention of face aging has led him to developing specific combined therapeutic protocols and to elaborating advanced personal techniques in the use of the filler, actively contributing to the evolution of Aesthetic Medicine.
Andrea is a revered author, a lecturer and an educator in the field of Aesthetic Medicine at a national and international level.
He takes part in national and international conferences as a spokesman and chairman of sessions. He is a member of various scientific societies, author and co-author of numerous scientific publications.