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PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma – 3 chapter Update


New Frontier in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine

Author: Daniel Sister MD


Chapter 7:
The use of PRP to solve hair loss and hair thinning

Chapter 11:
Sexual rejuvenation using PRP, for men and women

Chapter 13:
Combining PRP with other treatments

68 pages

Printed in 2019

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When I first discovered Platelet Rich Plasma I was excited at the pro- spect of an efficient, effective aesthetic treatment, with no side effects. I began experimenting, reading and researching, and I found that although the science was there, with absolute proof, the treatment itself was fairly unknown and not being used as much as it should be. I continued to read and research and became totally engrossed in the ‘magic’ of growth factors, from the first few that were discovered to the 300+ known today.

Now in 2019 multiple medical disciplines are using PRP: cardiac operations, organ transplants, cancer treatment procedures associated, dentistry, neural regeneration, bone graft and fractures, ophthalmology, Menieres disease, muscle and tendons, sexual rejuvenation, plastic sur- gery, and aesthetic medicine – but what is missing is the sharing of data. I realised that what was missing was a book covering all of the different indications, with the relevant references to prove the credibility of PRP.

The lack of clear and uniformly accepted terminology, centrifugation speeds, and procedure result in a source of confusion and variations in results. It is therefore critical to recognize that each PRP preparation method may differ regarding platelet number, platelet activation rate and growth factor profile. Now we have studies with large numbers of participants, random trials, meta analysis and many experimentally confirmed advantages resulting from PRP use, but we must keep in mind that due to the different conditions in each experiment, variable results are unavoidable.

I’ve seen for myself how much this treatment can benefit patients, not just in the area of facial rejuvenation, but with healing scars, fixing sports injuries and thickening hair. The possibilities are limitless. My wish is that this book opens the eyes of my colleagues, that it leads to more indications, more discoveries and of course, many more happy patients.

Dr. Daniel Sister



Daniel Sister MD

He received his medical doctorate at the Paris Medical School, subsequently building a global reputation. He has practiced at many of the world’s premier clinics, has written several highly acclaimed books, and regularly appears on TV. His extensive research studies and expertise are sought-after by the beauty, anti-ageing, nutrition and complementary medical communities.

Anti-ageing Pioneer

A market leader and pioneer, Dr Sister has introduced a number of groundbreaking treatments to the UK, including the highly successful S3 therapy, aka ‘Dracula’. (Dr Sister’s own unique version of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) which has attracted worldwide attention.

Dr Sister has travelled the globe lecturing and training doctors. Always at the forefront of aesthetic developments, he has had articles published in many prestigious medical journals including Body Language, the UK & International Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing, and Prime, the World Journal of Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine plus he is regularly quoted in the consumer press.