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Illustrated Guide to Percutaneous Collagen Induction

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Basics, Indications, Uses

by Matthias Aust, Svenja Bathe, Desmond Fernandes


222 pages

434 colour illustrations


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A new title in the “Aesthetic Methods for Skin Rejuvenation Series” written by a team of international authors who rst described the method of percutaneous collagen induction, better known as “Needling”. This book provides a vivid, practically oriented and holistic description of a highly ef cient and previously little-known treatment approach for skin regeneration.

Using impressive case histories, 300 outstanding didactic photos, anatomical graphics and convincing scienti c data, the authors con rm the method’s ef cacy for the rejuvenating treatment of skin conditions such as scars, lines, sagging skin and stretch marks. This attractively illustrated and clearly struc- tured step-by-step guide takes the reader through the basics of the method’s mechanism of action, perioperative organisation and indication-related uses, highlighting the latest devices and providing expert practical tips.

Dimensions 25 × 30 cm